Two applications are available for competition organizers to retrieve data from the database.

The Vitesse Competition Manager allows race start lists to be drawn automatically using seed times retrieved from the database. It includes all of the functionality of the original Participants List

The original Participants List remains available. It allows seed times to be retrieved from and saved as an Excel spreadsheet

Vitesse - Competition Manager

The Vitesse Competition Manager is the successor the the Participants List app. Like the Participants List, it allows for the seed times for skaters in a competition to be retrieved from the The start lists for the competition's races can then be automatically drawn using the skater's seed times.

To install Vitesse, download the application then extract and open the zip file. Click on the Vitesse_Setup icon, then follow the instructions on the screen. The zip file includes the Vitesse Users Guide and JSON Export Reference. Both guides can also be dowloaded separately.

File Last updated
Vitesse Installation (  (12.9 MB) 31 Dec 2023
Users Guide  (7.5 MB) 27 Dec 2021

Current Release

31 December 2023 - Version 1.23.1230. Bug fix release

Previous Releases

17 January 2022 - Version 1.22.0117. Bug fix release

27 December 2021 - Version 1.21.1223. Changes include:

1. Add Seed Time Table Excel spreadsheet, showing all seed times in a single table. Added at the request of users of the older Participants List app.

2. JSON export all option - a single JSON file combining both the participants info and start lists.

3. Non-English language support (beta). Support for other languages in the PDFs and Excel spreadsheets generated by Vitesse. Built-in support for French, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Swedish in addition to English. Allows user to modify translations and even add new languages. See the updated Vitesse Users' Guide for full information. While there is full support for other languages in the participants lists and start list PDF and Excel files, at this time much of the app's actual user interface remains English-only.

4. Language options export/import.

29 August 2021 - Version 1.21.0828. Changes include:

1. Adopt ISU terminology change, Women instead of Ladies, per ISU Communication 2403.

3 July 2020 - Version 1.20.0702. Changes include:

1. Team pursuit and team sprint races

2. Customizable helmet numbers for mass start races

3. New style for mass start PDF start lists

4. Updated Users Guide

5. Bug fixes and UI improvements

This release introduces new technical features that allow integration of Vitesse with other applications (e.g. timing systems).

1. JSON export of participants and start lists

2. Competition server JSON API (TCP socket based)

3. JSON Export Reference guide - a technical reference for the new features

4. Example client for competition server (Windows C#)

JSON Export

With the 1.20.0702 release in July 2020, Vitesse added new features to ease integration with other applications (timing systems, for example). Vitesse can export participants and start lists in standard JSON-format files that can then be imported by another application. Vitesse also provides the competition server, a TCP socket based JSON API providing real-time updates of participants, races and start lists to connected applications.

The JSON Export Reference documents both the JSON file export and the competition server API. An example client (written in C#) for the competition server is also available

File Last updated
JSON Export Reference  (393.8 KB) 03 Jul 2020
JSON competition server example client (C#)  (5.7 MB) 03 Jul 2020

Example Output

File Last updated
Start list (PDF)  (84.1 KB) 22 Nov 2016
Participants list (PDF)  (96.2 KB) 01 Jan 2017
Participants list (Excel)  (13.6 KB) 01 Jan 2017

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Draw Window

Draw Window

Races List

Races List

Participants List

Participants List

Significant Past Releases

15 June 2019 - Version 1.19.0612. Changes include:

1. Skater names in native alphabet (e.g. Russian/Cyrillic)

2. Configurable pair order (Slow->Fast or Fast->Slow)

3. Skater number match for import

4. Automatic notification of Vitesse updates

5. Bug fixes

19 December 2018 - Version 1.18.1219. Changes include:

1. Creation of start lists for mass start races

19 August 2018 - Version 1.18.0819. Changes include:

1. Manually set skater number

2. Manually set/correct skater seed times

3. Import competition and/or race participants - Cut/Paset or from file

4. Faster retrieval of information from

5. Retrieve seed times for 200m and 400m races

3 July 2017 - Version 1.17.0702. Changes include:

1. Large text option for better legibility when Vitesse is used on large monitor or projector

2. Retrive seed times for 100m, 300m and 700m races

3. When skaters with same seed time are split across groups, randomly choose which skater is placed in which group

1 Jan 2017 - The first release of Vitesse (version 1.16.1129)


Participants List

The Participants List app remains available, though as of July 2020 it is considered obsolete. All features provided by Participants List are available in the Vitesse competition manager. No future updates or bug fixes will be provided for the application.

Participants List is a Windows™ application that aids in the creation of seed times spreadsheets for participants in a competition. As skaters are added to the list of participants their seed times are automatically retrieved from the database.

To install the application download and extract the zip file then follow the instructions in the Users Guide included in the download. The Users Guide can also be downloaded separately.

File Last updated  (4.5 MB) 12 Sep 2018
Users Guide  (905.0 KB) 16 Jun 2016

Release History

12 Sep 2018 - Bug fix release to work with new database

16 Jun 2016 - Add option to select only ISU accepted times (ISU Calendar, National Championships, World Cups, etc.) as seed times.

25 Jan 2014 - Update to correct crash when loading a saved competition after manually setting a skater's date of birth. Before installing this release, please uninstall any older version using the Windows™ Control Center.

27 Jul 2012 - Initial release

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Application Window

Application Window

Summary Spreadsheet

Summary Spreadsheet

Single Distance Spreadsheet

Single Distance Spreadsheet

Native Language Names