Public API

The public API allows information from the database to be added to web pages. The API allows data to be retrieved in either XML or JSON format.

The API supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) allowing it to be called directly from a web page being displayed by more recent versions of most popular web browsers. If you wish to ensure that web pages using the API can be viewed on older browsers, you will need to access the API via a server-side proxy.


  • Competition list - Retrieve a list of competitions for a skater during a season
  • Distance results - Retrieve a skater's results for a distance
  • Personal records - Retrieve a skater's personal records
  • Season bests - Retrieve a skater's season bests
  • Seed times - Retrieve the seed times (best results within a specific data range) for a skater. This API allows the seed times ability of the Participants List app to be embedded in your own web applications (e.g. an on-line event registration system).
  • Skater ID lookup - Find a skater's ID



Conditions of Use

Use of the API is free for non-commercial purposes. If you make use of this API, please indicate that the data was provided by, and include a link to,

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